LINKAGES Enhance Peer Outreach Approach Implementation Guide
LINKAGES Enhanced Peer Outreach Approach Implementation Guide

The enhanced peer outreach approach (EPOA) is currently being piloted by LINKAGES partners in several countries in Asia, Africa, and the Eastern Caribbean. Experience so far shows that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to the EPOA. It is a model that requires adaptation to the local context, and because it is new, a period of adaptation may be needed as programs learn what works best for them. This guide, which is also available in French and Portuguese, describes the EPOA and its potential benefits, the essential components of the EPOA, and the steps involved in implementing it, including potential challenges. It includes a checklist for preparing to implement the EPOA (Section 4), and the annexes include examples of program tools and forms.

There is also a training curriculum that complements the guide by offering a detailed curriculum for training peer outreach workers to implement the EPOA. The guide consists of this document and a set of training tools, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations.

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Year of publication: 2017
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